10 Things I Love About Myself


With everything that’s shared on the media lately, it’s easy to start to compare yourself to others. And with this comparison often comes the thought that some part of us isn’t good enough. It’s all too easy to come up with things we hate about ourselves, especially during a time associated with sharing memories and being social. What about liking ourselves? It isn’t conceited to love yourself. And yet we have been convinced that if we say something remotely positive about ourselves, we will come across as arrogant and the world will end. I say we challenge that belief. Self-love and self appreciation are important for life. In a time of being grateful for others, we mustn’t forget to be grateful for ourselves.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to share 10 things I love about myself.

1) love my body

I don’t always love how my body looks, but one thing I will always love is how it allows me to run and dance. Without my body, I wouldn’t be able to work with horses in a job that I love.

2) I love my eyes

I have always loved the color of my eyes because they seem to change between a nice sea green and an aqua blue color.

3) I love my smile

I love my smile, because, to me, it means happiness. When I smile, the joy fills my whole body with happiness.

4) I love my determination

When I set my mind to something, it gets done. For example, if I set my mind to doing a certain number of homework problems before bed, they are getting done before bed.

5) I love that I can make myself laugh

I know what makes me happy, and how I can get myself to laugh. If I’m having an off day, all I have to do is make funny faces at myself in the mirror or look up Harry Potter headcanons, and I’m certain to start laughing in no time. I’m not afraid of being silly, at least when I’m by myself or with my cat.

6) I love that I’m a good listener

If someone is having a hard time, I can listen to them with unwavering attention all day. I may have to stop myself from giving advice in certain situations, but I will always be there to, as they say, ‘lend an ear’.

7) I love that I am kind

You will hardly ever hear a mean word come out of my mouth. One of my personal mottos is ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything’. It seems like if the world adopted this motto, life would be a lot more pleasant. Also if people stopped trying to compare their differences and started trying to get along. But that’s a whole different blog post. If you would like to read a blog post detailing my feelings on this, let me know by leaving a comment below.

8) I love that I love to learn

Try saying that 5 times fast. I really do love to learn. I love going to school, and I love that rush of happiness and adrenaline when I finally understand something.

9) I love how I learn from my mistakes

Didn’t I just say I love to learn? Because I am always learning from my mistakes, I am always growing and changing.

10) I love myself

It’s important to realize that you are a unique and valuable individual. Not everyone will see that, but it’s important for you to see it for yourself. I am learning to love myself as a whole. This is difficult in a society where it’s commonplace for people, women especially, to put themselves down. I say we change that social norm.

What are a few things you love about yourself? Write an answer down in the comment section below.



3 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Myself

  1. I like these self affirmations about yourself. One thing I like about myself is that I am very patient. I may not get something right the first time, but I keep trying. It’s how I turned Sam into more socialized pony.

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