What college students (really) do when the internet goes out

Or maybe it’s just me. This happened a few months ago (because it’s summer). In the small town where I go to school, the internet went entirely out. Well, I’m not sure if it went entirely out (big stores probably still had their internet for checkout and stuff – I assume that uses the internet), but the internet was entirely gone on my campus. So was EVERYBODY’S cell phone service. Data AND talk/text.

Basically, this meant classes were very interesting, as teachers couldn’t get up YouTube videos they wanted to watch with us. Although this happens a lot – the internet at my school is not great. But this was a first for phones as well. It wasn’t even just one carrier either, it was all carriers. It was weird.

So what did I do? I had a mountain of homework, so of course I edited my photos that I took at the dog park the week before! Yes, for the whole day. If you don’t take many pictures, you underestimate how much time and energy editing can take! Particularly sorting through thousands of photos! (I have a trigger happy shutter button)

Did my friends do their homework? Nope.

Would I do something different next time? Eh – maybe. I think I probably needed a day ‘off’ though.



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