How to be confident without makeup

Now I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m confident without makeup (or with makeup), but I’m working on it. I don’t wear makeup often. Occasionally, I decide that I want to put on lipstick or fill in my brows, but it is very occasional. And yet, 4 years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup. In fact, I even was late for school a few times because I either convinced my parents to turn around or I turned around myself to go back home to put on makeup (sorry mom).

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

There are many reasons I don’t wear makeup. The main reason is that I’m just lazy. Well, I guess it’s not necessarily being lazy, more selective energy usage. Another reason is that it’s not on my countertop in the bathroom anymore. Although I can’t really say this attributed, as my makeup was on my counter at home and I didn’t use it. I also have really sensitive skin. I have eczema and rosacea, which makes my skin especially sensitive to products. I have to be very careful to use products that have simple ingredients, and I find that using fewer things on my face makes it easier to rule out skin products as a cause of a breakout.

I also don’t really see a point anymore. As shallow as this sounds, I no longer feel the need to make myself up for impressing anyone. Also, makeup is really expensive! Even though I could buy a 50 dollar foundation if I wanted to (and have in the past), there are so many things that I would rather spend that 50 dollars on. There is a 20 dollar Stila eyeliner that I’ve been wanting for a while. I finally took it off of my wishlist because it’s 20 dollars, I have other eyeliners, and I don’t wear eyeliner!

What Makeup I Occasionally Wear

When I want to wear makeup, there are a few products that I will reach for. I love lip color. To me, it says ‘I tried’ without all the effort of putting on a full face. One trick I just discovered a few years was to use white eyeliner on your waterline (the under eyelash line). It’s fairly tricky to put on well, but it makes you look more awake. If I know that I’m going to get a photo taken of me I will use this, as it’s subtle, but it makes a difference. A while ago I bought an eyebrow pencil and I also have eyebrow gel that I can swipe across my brows and it fills them in for a few days. Groomed brows are another thing that takes a few seconds and makes you look more put together and like you tried.

What I Did To Become Less Self-Conscious About Not Wearing Makeup

I unfollowed models and makeup ‘guru’s’ on social media and YouTube. There is nothing wrong with being a makeup guru, however, seeing something every day makes wanting to be different harder for me.

Trial and error was another big step. Learning that I could go out in the world and nobody would stare at me for not wearing makeup!

I also work on a farm, and makeup honestly just goes to waste when you come home covered in dust and hay. And the animals don’t care! In fact, I always feel a bit odd when animals touch my face when I’m wearing makeup; it’s not supposed to be ingested, and you can’t really tell that to animals.

I stopped reading magazines! I am going to make a leap here and say that all of the images in magazines are photoshopped. A documentary I have seen a few times now, called Killing Us Softly 4, details the media and its’ influence on body image with photoshop as well as the ‘top’ 1% of ‘beautiful people’. There is also fantastic lighting used in all the images, drastically different from bathroom lighting. Comparing myself to a magazine was unhelpful and devistating to my self worth.

Not wearing makeup has become a part of my life. I don’t think about it that much anymore. I am at a point in my life where I can put on makeup when I want to, but not for some external reason, and just to make myself happier.

Do you wear makeup? If so, let me know why in the comments down below. Is it for yourself? Does wearing makeup make you happy?




3 thoughts on “How to be confident without makeup

  1. Heidi J Sewall says:

    I appreciate FofoFl’or’s remark: I unfollowed all those things that lie to me. I hadn’t labeled marketing as a lie, but it can be. Thanks for making that distinction–it helps me. Because I want to guard against skin cancer (after soaking up A LOT of sun up to age 22) I use an expensive product from the SkinCeuticals line. It has an SPF 50, which my doctor recommends for my face, and has a tint. It feels good, is easy to apply, and I’ve followed the professional advice for my skin. The problem with other make-up, which I do wear off-and-on, is that it seems to dry up quickly–well before I use it up! This means that make-up is even more expensive: buy it, wear a bit, toss it. As an older woman, and a working professional, I am aware of how make-up can help me look a bit more energetic, and even younger (which is important in the business world). So, I’m considering ways to use more make-up, and to use it in ways that get me the most benefit for my money. I like Fiona’s suggestion about the white eyeliner. My large eyes really sag when I’m tired (my mother’s did, too–that’s how I know what I look like!) Thanks for the tip, Fiona. I do get a lot of compliments on my skin (face) and how lovely it looks. One friend said “what do you do to get such lovely skin”? My reply: Trader Joe’s Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. Sorry, friend, but some conditions are simply genetic, nothing more.

  2. Eileen says:

    I, as you probably know, do not usually wear makeup. The last time was Ryan’s wedding, and I think the time before that was your high scool graduation. Like you, I have sensitive skin and rosacea. Wearing makeup just irritates my skin. And it takes too much time. So, I just don’t bother anymore. I also think that natural is more beautiful.

  3. this was such a great post, and i don’t see these often lol, i can relate i have had times where like you i would feel like i need to hide all day without make up, i went through some kind of transformation, most of it was religious, and i realised that attention is such an addictive thing to look for and that acceptance comes from within, so its now all about how i feel, and i also know that instagram likes, and compliments don’t mean shit if i am insecure inside, i feel more confident, my goal is to focus more on whats within and love myself for me. also just like you i unfollowed all those things that lie to me, place unrealistic beauty standards on me, and make me feel insecure for no reasons.

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