How to keep up with your Routine on Vacation

I have a confession to make. I have not been keeping up with my routines on vacation. When I am at school, routines are so much easier. I know where everything is in my apartment and I know my schedule and when stuff needs to happen. Here at the island house (read my post about that here) my routine has been all screwed up.

We got home at 11 pm on Saturday, which is way past my bedtime. However, I showered and put on my face moisturizer and wore my retainers and brushed my teeth (not in that order). Then I collapsed into bed. Without journaling or reading.

The next morning, I turned off my alarms and slept in until past 11 (it took me a while to fall asleep the night before). I woke up to the power being out. I still washed my face and brushed my teeth and took my vitamins (again, not in that order). My morning routine in progress is coming soon.

That evening was when things really began to get out of alignment. The power was out all day, and we used up all the running water. So no shower. No brushing my teeth. No rinsing off my retainer. I didn’t even put on my moisturizer! Again, I didn’t read or write in my journal. I just went to bed (aka. spent 2 hours watching a movie on my laptop….).

The next morning (the morning I’m writing this) wasn’t much better. The power came back on in the middle of the night, but I still didn’t wash my face or brush my teeth. Or put on my moisturizer. I did take my vitamins though, so that’s a small win, I guess. I am also still in my pajamas.

Getting Back into a Routine

I am hopeful that when I get back to my apartment my routine will snap back into place, but based on past events, I can know almost for certain that that will not happen. I need to get back into my routine, but the power outage and getting back so late has really put a twist on how much I can reasonably do.

Step 1)

Just do it! This is the hardest step. I can plan as much as I want, but I know my routine. I also know myself and that unless I jump back into the routine, I won’t do anything about it.

Step 2)

Put stuff out where you can see it until the routine is set again. For me, everything I need for my routine is where I can easily see it and reach it in my apartment (except my vitamins – those are in the cupboard). Here at the island house, it’s a bit harder, as I am sharing a bathroom with my dad who happens to have quite a bit of stuff in there. There is barely any space for me to put my retainers on the counter! In my ‘loft’, my books and journal are next to my mattress pad.

Step 3)

Keep yourself accountable! You don’t necessarily have to tell anyone, but know that if you don’t start now, it’ll be so much harder when you do start. I will re-start my routine, even when being on vacation.

Step 4)

Be realistic and plan ahead. Are you going somewhere where it will be impossible to shower every single night?  Will you be sharing a room with other people that might make it distracting for you to journal or make your set bedtime harder to stick to? These and many more are all things to keep in mind when planning. Even though it is important to stick with a routine, stressing out about it on vacation is not something you want to do. Be realistic and make a plan.

Step 5)

Make your routine a priority. Yes, vacations are a time to relax, but taking care of yourself needs to always be your #1 priority. It is a bit harder when dealing with other people’s schedules, but stand up and advocate for yourself. No, I need to be back home by this time so I can get into bed by this time.

Comment down below what tips you have for sticking to your routine while on vacation!



One thought on “How to keep up with your Routine on Vacation

  1. Candi says:

    I personally feel a different environment demands a routine that adapts to the new situation. That’s survival. Go with the flow. Let God. Let it be. Go with the current, much easier than fighting against the flow. On the other hand I get homesick. So sorry you were without power! That’s the worst! Especially when you are ona well. No power/ no water! I gotta have lights or i am in a deep depression. How did they possibly survive in the pacific northwest before they had electric lights????? Hey, hope you have power for Christmas. Love you Fiona. Merry Christmas!

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