I have a confession to make… About Perfectionism

Okay. So I’ve been absent on this blog for a few months. Spring semester of school was very busy. I kept telling myself that I would work on my blog, and I never got around to it. Mostly because I was afraid to post something that wasn’t perfect, and the fear of imperfection stopped me from even trying to work on my blog.

I am thinking about taking this blog in another direction. I still want to talk about my experience and help people, however, I also want to showcase some of my photography. After almost 2 years of not taking photos for various reasons, I just got back into it.

I’m still figuring life out. Right now in the summer, I have two jobs (with the same organization, so I am limited to working 40 hours a week), am trying to work on myself, and thinking of ways to build up my résumé for when I apply to vet school.

One thing is for certain – if I ever say ‘I’m bored’ this summer, I’m doing something wrong.



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