A Quick Word about Online Shopping

I have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. It’s great in the fact that I don’t have to drive anywhere and go into crowded stores to do my shopping. However, is online shopping really that great? Read on to discover some of my tips for online shopping, as well as the pros and cons of shopping on the internet. Since it is December, I will be putting an emphasis on holiday shopping, but these tips will mostly work anytime. Continue reading “A Quick Word about Online Shopping”

Staying Motivated through the end of the Semester

Staying Motivated at the End of the Semester

With November almost over and the December holidays approaching fast, it’s sometimes hard to focus on school, especially when you’re faced with the larger tasks, such as studying for finals or finishing that lab report. Staying motivated is the key to doing well in school, especially at the end of the semester. If you get a bad grade this late in the semester, it’s really unlikely that you’ll be able to fix it. Continue reading “Staying Motivated at the End of the Semester”


10 Things I Love About Myself

With everything that’s shared on the media lately, it’s easy to start to compare yourself to others. And with this comparison often comes the thought that some part of us isn’t good enough. It’s all too easy to come up with things we hate about ourselves, especially during a time associated with sharing memories and being social. What about liking ourselves? It isn’t conceited to love yourself. And yet we have been convinced that if we say something remotely positive about ourselves, we will come across as arrogant and the world will end. I say we challenge that belief. Self-love and self appreciation are important for life. In a time of being grateful for others, we mustn’t forget to be grateful for ourselves.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am going to share 10 things I love about myself.

Continue reading “10 Things I Love About Myself”


Benefits of Giving Thanks

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whenever it is that you’re reading this. It could be in the middle of the night for all I know! In fact, I might be glad that someone else sometimes stays up all night to peruse the internet from time to time. We all do it; I won’t judge.

Given that it’s the week before Thanksgiving, I thought it would be the perfect time to delve into some psychology. Positive psychology is the study of psychology where, instead of studying what makes humans unhappy and different, it focuses on what makes us happier. Gratitude is a large part of positive psychology. Continue reading “Benefits of Giving Thanks”


Surviving 8am Classes

Are you going to take 8am classes? Do you want to figure out my secrets on surviving these dark o’clock classes? Read on!


  • Sleep

You’re probably tired of hearing this one, but sleep is your friend. I’ve grown up a lot this year, from a nap-hating child to a young woman who sleeps 8 hours a night and tries to nap as often as possible. I still have no clue why elementary schools have nap time when the students don’t want it, but higher education doesn’t when the students need it. There are numerous findings of the benefits of sleep. Continue reading “Surviving 8am Classes”